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"american" food to bring to potluck ... challenge


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"american" food to bring to potluck ... challenge

cctc | May 17, 2003 08:01 PM

OK, here's a challenge for you guys...I'm an american in canada, in a class with many immigrants, and we're having a potluck in a few days where we're supposed to bring a food from our "native country". I'm actually the first american many of these people have gotten to know, and want to show them that american food isn't just hamburgers and fries!

Here are the criteria:

-must be vegetarian (!!!)because I am, as are many of the people who will be in attendance

-must be able to be served cold or room temp. and reasonably appropriate for warm weather(so indian pudding,no)

-must not be anything too obviously borrowed from another culture (for example, no quesadillas or quiches etc.)

-this is hard: shouldn't be anything too common in canada (for these reason, new york cheescake is out)

The only thing I can think of is key lime pie, which means I'm not thinking hard enough...please help me out with this guys, at least in the name of patriotic can be appetizer, main or dessert, from any part of the country.

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