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Aloha to the Hawaiian lunch plate!


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Aloha to the Hawaiian lunch plate!

Carb Lover | May 8, 2005 06:36 PM

While I've visited the islands a few times, I'd never tried a Hawaiian lunch plate until recently, once I discovered this cute dive in my coastal CA town. Pictured below is the "spam musubi" from their website, my new item of intrigue and lust (and I've never really liked spam!). Grilled spam pressed against sushi rice and wrapped in nori. So flavorful and delicious that no dipping sauce is necessary.

I'm really fascinated w/ this style of food. The whimsical East meets West diner-style comfort food just really intrigues me. As an extreme example, they have an item called "loco moco": two hamburger patties, two eggs on top two scoops rice, with ono gravy. Just typing that gives me indigestion, but I've enjoyed the chicken katsu, kal-bi ribs, kahlua pig w/ cabbage on their menu. Sides are macaroni salad, white rice, kimchee, and canned pineapple ring. Not something I could eat everyday since it's rather salty and stick-to-your-ribs, but in the same category of occasional indulgences like fast food, ribs, fried chicken, etc.

Based on my local place, seems to be an interesting fusion of Japanese, Korean, and down-home Americana on a plate. Just thought I'd share and get reactions from other hounds who may also be intrigued (or repulsed) by this fusion cuisine. What are common or favorite items? Info on its origin and significance in Hawaiian culture/cuisine? Do Hawaiians eat this stuff regularly or is this more for tourists? Feed me w/ your thoughts...Mahalo.


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