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Aldino Cucina-San Antonio. Once , twice, they're OUT!


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Aldino Cucina-San Antonio. Once , twice, they're OUT!

Di | Nov 20, 2005 09:56 AM

I am a awesome chef with a pallet for fine food or at least a good meal at a reasonable price. I am also new to San Antonio, hence I participate in a restaurant club to familiarize myself with local restaurants. So far so good except for ADLINO'S.

I have dined not only once but twice at ALDINO'S on the North Central side of San Antonio. Here is what I have to say about ALDINO'S. If you don't like it then plug your ears.

This is my honest opinion:

The bottom line, A whole lot of BAD ATTITUDE for overpriced food that could be made by any 12 year old in home economics class.

The FIRST VISIT to ALDINO'S we were blessed with a delightful server and but awful food for the price. I ordered Italian chicken in rice which did not even compare to chicken flavored Rice a Ronio with canned mushrooms and chicken bits. The artichoke appetizer had nice presentation was great tasting but too pricey considering the portion size. When clearing up my bill and presenting the dining certificate that I paid 10.00 for I was not only given a hard time but was accused of not having a valid certificate. How preposterous and so very embarrassing especially since the certificate was not only valid, I called in advance asking for directions and clarifying acceptance of such certificate prior to my arrival. When i pointed that out to the manager and showed him my celly out going call log he had the audacity to say..."How do I know you called for directions and told us of the could have been calling to make a reservation?" Now considering he was the one seating people with reservations ad we wee walk ins you think he would better sense than to say that. I told him his behavior was inexcusable and I also stated that I gave my server the certificate prior to placing my order and I was told the they honor the certificate.

This is my second honest opinion:

The bottom line: Not worth giving ALDINO'S a change to earn a third strike.

SECOND VISIT. I did not dare enter again this establishment again until I brought the former negative experience to the attention of the proprietor. Every owner deserves at least one chance to remedy problems with their establishment.

Upon arrival with the party of 4, two mothers and two daughter's on mother/ daughter night out, I asked to be introduced to the owner that I had previous spoke to. He was sitting at the bar sipping on a drink. Not once did he bother to stop at our table and introduce himself to us, so I let that go. Then we placed our order. Two adult meals and two children's pasta meals. The food again was inferior for the price and consisted of small qualities of goodies. A 14.95 Alfredo and shrimp consisted dish of 4-5 unpeeled (at best) medium shrimp and a few scant cut pieces (4-5) of asparagus. Beware.. you are paying for Alfredo noodles people that compare to the packet of dehydrated noodles with powder you purchase at the grocer. The children's spaghetti was eatable however the kids had only eaten half the portion served. When the server asked the children were finished the plates were wished away only to find out late the remainder of the spaghetti was discarded instead of boxed for snacking later. Not a big deal but then when the bill arrived we found out we were charged 9.95 for the adult portion. The kids ate less than half of the noodles with red sauce...hardly justifying a 10.00 children's meal. FYI...the waitress refused to correct the mistake and insisted that since the adult meal was served the price would not change. What a waste...the waitress threw a 10.00 meal that was not even worth it in the garbage.

We did tip the last waitresses 20% despite the errors and bad attitude, however this is my tip to future ALDINO'S patrons...AVOID ALDINO'S LIKE THE PLAGUE! It is now very obvious why ADLINO'S does not attract a crowd like the chain restaurant Johnny Carino's (spell?) I'd gladly pay twice as much at the alternate for friendly intelligent service and good food at a great price than half price at ALDINO'S.

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