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five alarm chili


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five alarm chili

KaimukiMan | Aug 27, 2009 01:12 PM

I made a batch of chili the other week, and it really turned out well, it had a fair amount of heat, but was not enough to make me turn red and start to sweat. for various devious and masochistic reasons I would like to make a batch of really red hot chili. The kind that makes your eyes water, nose run, and sweat start to run down your face. Mostly I want to show some of my "wimpy" friends what 5 alarm chili really means.

I am not likely to find a selection of great chili peppers in the store here, so I will be dealing mostly with packaged spices, but if you folks tell me I absolutely must roast my own jalapeno's I'll see what I can find.

What ingredients are on the must include list for five-alarm-chili. A web search was really depressing.... telling me to use lots of tomato products, or to add carrots and corn. Yikes.

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