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Akosombo report

Steve | Mar 5, 2003 12:10 PM

I passed by this place a couple of times and was intrigued by the amount of taxicabs out in front as well as the mysterious nature of the joint. It is in a delapidated building (600 block of K St?)near the new Convention Center, halfway between NPR headqurters and Marrakesh, AV, etc. There is no address, and it's impossible to tell if the place is open or if there is anyone inside. There is a plywood sign that says "Akosombo Restaurant at Images."
I went in and found the interior to look as expected. No signs, no menu, as if to imply we all know that the wrecking ball is coming, so why bother? It's Ghananian food served for you from a large buffet at the rear. Two men in front of me are getting carryout. The woman who cooks the food also serves it. She piles comically large portions of jollof - a rice and beans combo- other vegetables, stews, more rice, and on top of it all, just when you think the styrofoam containers are going to explode, a whole fish in red sauce that I have seen elsewhere labeled Red Red, so that's what I'll call it. The men then negotiated a price, and not much money exchanged hands.
I went easy, choosing fufu, spinach, a smoked tilapia tail, and the Red Red. Fufu is a large starchy glob that seems more an arts and crafts project than food. The spinach was quite spicy with some gummy pink stuff in it that made it look pretty but didn't taste all that good. The tilapia tail (lots of tails and heads served here) had some nice flesh to it, but was boring. The Red Red, though, came in a sauce that I wish I could make at home or that they made everywhere and bottled it. I drank it all up - finally found a use for the fufu - and would gladly nominate it for Best of DC Flavors. It floored me.
I am definitely a wimp when it comes to haggling, so I paid the $7 they asked, though I think the others got more food for less money.
For anyone looking to be briefly transported into the Third World and an exotic culture, then Akosombo may be the ticket.

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