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Agree strongly--Bobby Flay, you got a Texas wife, you should be ashamed of your raves!

RealSlimK | Jan 4, 201202:42 PM

Very very telling that so many people from say New York--who know nothing at all about BBQ, come to this place and out come the hyberbole! Paul Schafer, David Letterman, I'm talking to you. Cheryl Crow? I know, between the pilates in L.A., whatever...

The truest posts here are from those who acknowledge what I just said as true, 'this Yankee has never...' and/or notice that Salt Lick is much more theme park than great BBQ restaurant. and sauce? Who really thinks the sauce is that good at Salt Lick? Really? Why?

Just got back from Salt Lick, and my gosh, Rudy's is SO Much better. MUCH more tender brisket, BETTER sauce, side dishes are night and day better--my gosh. The generic potato thing Salt Lick does from the ice cream scoop is like what one would expect in prison. It's not really mashed potatoes and it's not really potato salad. It's yucky. The cole slaw? Everyone around makes it better. I did try the beef ribs--but I was unable to gnaw the meat off the bone without use of a steak knife, so I sent them back. They still tasted like they were smoked a week ago. Salt Lick does make okay babybacks, but not nearly as good as Rudy's.

My theory is that Salt Lick is successfully pushed by marketing phenoms to unsuspecting sheep who like to stand in very long barely moving lines and go 'baaah baaah...saw it on Food Network...baaah baaah, best ever!' It's kind of like the Emperor's clothes.

You in Austin now? take your dang pictures in front of Salt Lick's open pit if you must. But if you want great BBQ go to Rudy's. If you're in KC, Smokin' Joes and KC Masterpiece (and so many more) have nothing at all to worry about with Salt Lick...

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