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FurElise | Aug 11, 2004 12:43 AM

Hi, I have a non-chowhound spouse who just can't get the idea through her thick skull that food needs garlic. After much pressure, she'll put in 4-5 cloves in a dish for 4-5 people and brag about how "much" she used. Left to her own devices, she'd use 1-2.

She has no garlic allergy or any legitimate objection, just very bland tastes. When I cook for myself, I easily use 4-5 cloves just in my own ginger, sriracha, and a few squirts of tabasco.

I tried to convince her that "clove" meant "bulb", such that a recipe calling for 2 cloves would actually end up with about 16 instead. She didn't buy it.

So...I need a recipe in a famous cookbook, or better yet, slick-looking website, which uses so much garlic as to knock her socks off. I have googled on "garlic chicken" and various things involving "gilroy", but I'm really just groping around.

Any recipes around which call for 1 chicken and 37 cloves of garlic? Veal shank and 4 whole bulbs? Piece of fish and entire jar of the minced stuff?!

Let's skip garlic bread, garlic rice, or roasted/pickled garlic. Those won't shock her, no matter what the ratios.

TIA! (holding nose)

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