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lestblight | May 8, 201212:03 PM

I have been making veggie saltenas ( think empanadas with a soupy dumpling/broth filling)

The difficulty has been in my gelatin. I opted for agar agar because it was a pain to find kosher gelatin and it was expensive.

My saltena had a smoked oyster mushroom broth with Bolivian chile's some quinoa and mushrooms eggplant and squash.. diced small.

My first go i used 2025 kg of liquid including the veggies and quinoa. i used 10 grams of agar agar.
i also used a lil xanthan to add some body to the broth.. the wateryness bothered me.

Came out great but lack of broth was noticeable.

Second attempt i used the same 2025 and used 9 grams of agar agar... relatively the same results.
used less xanthan this time as well.

Took to some experimentation and used 2025 of water and used 6 grams of agar. IT almost set but i think i disturbed it and it didnt fully set.

So now i have one batch ready to go.. same grams... and used eggplant to add the body to the broth

I was thinking of going with 7 grams agar.. but then i realized maybe agar is the problem.. I read it doesnt fully disolve.. gets a little chewy etc.

Maybe carageenan is a better solution ?

Either way.. i just want some juicyness in my saltenas without using animal gelatin.

any thoughts?



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