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If I can only afford *one* fancy knife; what should it be? Santoku? Chef's?

duckdown | Feb 20, 200807:03 PM

Hi folks

Not a chef here, just a home cook who enjoys trying new things. I do alot of grilling and traditional BBQ in the summer time, and am looking for a very sharp knife, for every day tasks.

I have been looking at the Hattori HD-5 Santoku; but am curious -- will this be a sufficiently sized knife for every day tasks?

Slicing steaks? Carving a turkey? Dicing an onion? Slicing garlic?

I keep seeing differing opinions; Anthony Bourdain claims in his shows "If you are going to buy one good knife, it should be a GLOBAL Chef's Knife".. Chef's knife is longer and shaped differently than a Santoku. Should I go with this instead?

Thanks for the advice; looking forward to your responses

PS: Throw your 2 cents in even if someone else has responded.. I'm curious about the opinions of many :)


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