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Advice needed for oven cleaning - several questions

wintersummer | Jun 13, 200812:33 PM

Let me start by saying I should clean my oven more often. Time just slips away...I meant to do it and other things just take priority. I would estimate I last cleaned oven 2 years ago. I hope you can identify with that dilemma! When I get it clean this time, I promise to do better.

Here's what's happening:
It's not a self clean oven, so I have to use some sort of chemical. I have previously used - and loved - a product called "Clean-It" by the Carbona Company. It came in pump spray plastic bottle (not aerosol), was odorless, and did a great job. The company has discontinued the product, but you still can find some around. I found 2 bottles on clearance at Linens-and-Things. I also ordered some from Amazon, just to have on hand. However, what do I use for the future? Do you have any great product? I hate that EZ Off stuff (is that was you call it?)

How often do you clean your ovens? I know it would be easier to do it with more frequency, but the wiping out the oven is what takes so long, getting into all the corners. I think that's why I delay this project.

My oven is gas. The owners manual states to use a commercial cleaner. I called the company (Viking) today to get advice on cleaning the oven window (interior) and they told me to never use commercial cleaners, because they've had problems with oven ignition systems after use. They suggested soap and water. Do all of you wipe out your oven after every use to clean leftover debris and oil?

Any thoughts on how to get the oven window cleaned? Company suggested Mr Clean Magic Eraser. That didn't even touch the amount of solidified yuck on the window. (see, it has been a long time since cleaning). I did a paste of vinegar and baking soda - no luck.

A search on internet revealed industrial strength oven cleaners. Are these for restaurant kitchens? Any experience with these products? Do you think I could hire a professional to clean oven for me?

One person told me they use Goo-Be-Gone on their oven. Any thoughts?

Any oven cleaning wisdom, guidance, and support?

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