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Need advice about cooked salted duck eggs!

Lynndsey Rigberg | Jan 24, 201002:40 PM

HI Chowhounds,

I love "nuo mi fan" - sticky chinese rice with sausage and mushrooms and salted egg so today, I decided to be adventurous and try and make some at home. I bought all the ingredients and when I got home, I realized I bought "cooked salted duck eggs". I don't know if the recipe called for cooked or not, but here they were. never having worked with these before, I wasn't sure how they were supposed to look. I peeled off the white (which I read was too salty) and just used the yolk.

So here's my question - what the heck are these egg yolks supposed to look like? These egg yolks looked so different from each other that I'm now worried that some of them might be spoiled?

One egg yolk was a very orange color, and seemed smooth all over.
Another egg yolk was very yellow, and seemed grainy and lumpy on the outside.
Still another was sort of yellow, light green and then had an oily substance surrounding the yolk that was half lumpy half smooth.

I would HATE to give my dinner guests food poisoning!
I smelled them all and then smelled, well, briny. Nothing smelled bad.

Please offer your wisdom Chowhounds!


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