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How do you achieve picture perfect whipped cream frosting?


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How do you achieve picture perfect whipped cream frosting?

nooodles | Jun 16, 2006 10:16 PM

Research tells me the best way to create a whipped cream frosting that won't weep all over the place is to incorporate some bloomed, cooled, but not cold gelatin.

I want to fill and frost a simple two layer Genoise cake, and am looking for a very light, barely sweetened frosting. The bakery whose cake I'm trying to imitate (Amadine in Los Angeles) definitely uses whipped cream frosting (no butter, no sour cream, no cream cheese detectable by taste). However, their frosting was definitely a tad spongier than what I usually achieve at home. I'm hoping it's the gelatin that's making the difference. Thoughts?

The thing that really gets me about their frosting is how perfectly smooth it looked. It was almost as seamless as fondant. How do they do that? My whipped cream always has unsightly air bubbles when I use it to frost a cake. Do they perhaps blow dry it lightly?

I don't think there could be any cake more summery than a perfectly frosted 9" white two-layer genoise decorated with a few berries.

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