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Accompaniments to Jambalaya


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Accompaniments to Jambalaya

Rani | Nov 27, 2003 09:22 AM

I'm a desperate Torontonian sidling over to the general board for some assistance please! Please let me know anyone thinks I should also post this on the New Orleans board too.

We're having a potluck dinner for 8 for my Mother In Law's birthday this Sunday, and the best cook in the family has already declared that they're making jambalaya as their contribution. That leaves me to make all the necessary sides and/or breads to go with it, and a desire to produce something both impressive & tasty that’s not going to make me weep trying to prepare.

My sister in law barely cooks, so she'll be supplying the frozen appetizers and a cake - so now my inner competitive streak is coming out as I try to figure out what on earth to make that won't be completely overshadowed by the main course. Some things that will compliment the jambalaya but hold it's own at the same time. Please keep in mind that being in Canada, it's pretty hard to access any of the pre-made seasonings like Zatarain's...but I could certainly try to improvise with other seasonings.

I also have to deal with the fact that some in the family have frustratingly unadventurous palates and a dislike for fish/seafood. The other half however, should be open to interesting ideas. The only things I can think of so far is some kind of zesty potato salad/coleslaw, cheesy scones and some kind of cajun-y jazzed up veg. Something that I can make almost completely beforehand and then heat up there would be ideal. I really have no idea what one serves with Jambalaya as it is already so loaded with carbs and proteins that it seems pretty much a whole meal unto itself.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rani’s well meaning but unhelpful advice of "let's just take a big salad hon!" shows that he has no understanding of the fact that I actually want to try and display some measure of culinary ability…but I knew that my fellow CH’s would certainly understand. Any suggestions or help would be very appreciated, and thanks in advance!

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