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If you had $50 to spend on Champagne, what would you buy?

AnneInMpls | Mar 14, 200810:50 AM

For my birthday, I plan to buy a fifty-dollar bottle of Champagne. My birthday treat each year is champagne that costs in dollars what I've achieved in age - this year, it's the big 5-0. (I can't WAIT until I turn 100...!)

My price rule is slightly elastic, however - it could be with tax, without tax, on sale, full price, or rounded up/down by a dollar or two. It could even be the by-the-case price (though there's no way I could ever buy a full case). I'm in Minneapolis, so I'll be paying Minnesota prices, but if the champagne is $50 *somewhere* in the US, that's good enough for me.

Also, I probably won't do mail-order, so I'll end up with something that's more-or-less widely available here. Unfortunately, that really limits my selection of propriétaires-récoltants, but I can always dream...

So, what would you buy for $50?


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