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5 Towns pizza

MartyB | Apr 16, 2009 09:42 PM

I decided to go out for a slice of pizza after I packed away my pesach dishes. It was 11:45pm and I went to Sabra's pizza. Place was crowded but I figured, its to be expected. After a few minutes on line I heard them announce "who has number 67?" then someone behind me asked another person, are they using numbers? So I quickly dashed to the cashier and asked "where do I get a number?" he points to the long line that I was waiting on and said that this was the line to get a number!!!! I said to myself this is absured so I left, walked for less than a minute to Davids Famous pizza, walked in and within 3 minutes walked out with my 3 slices.

Question. Is Sabra's pizza so much better that people would wait for what I imagine would have been 45 minutes (I heard someone lament that he was waiting already 30 minutes) rather than go less than a minute away to one of the two other pizza stores and be in and out with their order?

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