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5-star truffles and coffee on divisadero


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5-star truffles and coffee on divisadero

Mrs.Robbins | Jan 28, 2007 10:08 PM

In my own selfish interest I would like to recommend 5-Star Truffles and Coffee on Divisadero
(near Oak). This place is small and the couple who run it are very friendly and the truffles are fabulous and very inexpensive. The truffles are small and clearly homemade and are sold by the piece, or in little boxes or little white take-out containers in increments of 20. My personal favourites are the caramels, the dark chocolates, and the expressos; they also give you a free sample if you order a beverage. This is not a great location so PLEASE GO because after two visits I am already addicted to their truffles and concerned they will go out of business so PLEASE VISIT. Valentine's Day is just around the corner but why wait? GO NOW!

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