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What would you have done?


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What would you have done?

RGC1982 | Aug 14, 2007 12:47 PM

I decided to host a party early in the summer and invite a group of friends that we spend lots time time with because our kids are friends. The kid relationships are the prime reason we have gotten to know each other, so the parents constitute a motley group if there ever was one. I decided to cook a nice buffet meal after a week or more of planning. Everything turned out the way I wanted, and I was sure that I had covered my bases regarding the different preferences of all of my guests. Some of course, hate seafood, some love it, some don't eat grilled veggies, etc. You know the drill.

There were five main coures to choose from, and one of them was Shrimp Creole. It was the only dish that was a little spicy because I had added smoked red pepper flakes to it. Not hot, just a little heat. Well, one of the mothers immediately started yelling "THE SHRIMP IS REALLY, REALLY HOT!" over and over, in a loud voice (it wasn't -- even my DH was able to eat it and he can't eat hot food). She managed to scare most of the teenagers away from it, and finally one of them tried it and ended up telling the rest of her friends that it was fine -- but not before most had eaten everything else, leaving the shrimp to stand in the steamer tray, uneaten.

What would you have done? I was too busy, unfortunately, to make a joking comment about how she was really exaggerating. It would never occur to me to start whining and complaining loudly over someone else's food. What would you have done?

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