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It's all in the name...

drdawn | Nov 5, 2004 08:09 AM

I'm currently being rather nasty to my housemate. He has just returned from a series of business trips, and as of yet he does not contribute to the grocery bill/dinner making process because he's been away for so long. I would like to keep him out, however, because if he did, he would insist on pre-made chicken nuggets and pizza every night. This way, if he makes his own dinner less cause for heated discussion. Now, though, we're playing the 'let's play it by ear' game to see if he wants to participate. I do all the cooking, and I've come to discover that he will not eat anything unfamiliar to him or green (unless it's lettuce. Go figure). Last night I made chilli and cornbread. In a way that did not at all reveal my inner buddahood, I announced that we were having 'turkey mole with cornbread' (it had vaguely mole-like seasoning, and I used turkey instead of beef). He even saw the thing and didn't want any: cornbread was also new to him (we live in Britain). The night before was gnocchi and cheese bake--again, refused even though it fit his like of bland goopy things. The night before that I had made char sui pork and had left some out for him. He was doing the dishes and asked if I wanted him to throw out "the steaky thing left on the counter".

So, hounds, can any of you think of really posh names for ordinary food in order to convince him never to eat my cooking? Or also particularly old school American names, as American cooking counts as 'weird' in this context? Bonus points if you can come up with vaguely challenging ingredients to make the stuff actually LOOK weird to him.

Tonight I'm making a pork stroganoff with mushrooms. I fear he may want some, as he loves mushrooms. So some way to spoil this would be good, too.

Yes, I know clear communication and reasoning is the higher road. But in this case I am soundly committed to juvenile behaviour as clear communication is not possible in this situation.

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