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Now what do I do with these?


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Now what do I do with these?

Ruth Lafler | Aug 2, 2003 03:52 PM

I was cruising the farmers' market yesterday and found something I'd never seen before: tiny (one inch or less in diameter) pumpkin-shaped veggies in a range of pepper-type colors (greenish white to reddish orange).

I was on my way to lunch with Melanie Wong, Celery and Gordon Wing, so I decided to buy them (worth it at $1 a bag) and play "stump the chow expert."

Scotch bonnet peppers? said Melanie. Tomatoes? said Celery. Not tomatoes or peppers? said Gordon.

Nope -- "bitter eggplant." We broke one open at the table, and agreed that sure enough, they were (1) bitter, and (2) had fiber and seed pods like eggplant.

So now, fellow chowhounds, any ideas what I should do with them?

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