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15 East (Review)

MMRuth | Oct 19, 2007 10:08 AM

Last night we made it to 15 East for the first time - out for dinner with a visiting Mexican colleague of my husbands. We had a reservation for a table.

Since I have the receipt - here's what we had:

Kasumitsuru (warm) ($16) - my husband enjoyed it and particularly liked the presentation of the sake in the beaker, set into a water bath so that it would stay warm.

Sancerre Vacheron (2 bottles - $60 each) - my pick - thought it a safe choice since I didn't know the taste of our guest.


Kumamoto Oysters - very light hint of a drop of some kind of sauce - excellent, but not quite as good as the oysters at Yasuda

Sashimi and Tartare of Blue Fin Tuna with creamy caviar sauce - this was a very interesting dish, because the tartare was served at room temperature and so you actually got a lot more of the flavor of the tuna, in a good way and it was well complemented by the drizzle of sauce on the plate

Kakiage - tempura "pancakes" with dried shrimp and some vegetables, served with three seasoned salts - green tea, chile, and something else - all enjoyable

Main Course:

Sashimi "Omakase" - two of us had this - the $55 one - obviously not true omakase, and the menu said this came with ten pieces - fortunately it was 10 types of fish - with two or three small pieces each - standouts - the octopus - the most tender I've ever had, sweet shrimp, toro - I think it was medium fatty.

Sushi "Omakase" - also ten pieces - not quite sure what they were, but it included a lovely dish of salmon roe, much to my husband's delight.

A la carte:

2 pieces uni sashimi - looked beautiful, husband said it was excellent.
Then three pieces each of sushi:

Negitoro (toro and scallion roll)
Kampachi (Amberjack)
Unagi (Freshwater eel)
Sawara (Spanish Mackerel)

Particularly enjoyed the amberjack and the eel. Check was just south of $600 w/ tip. Service was excellent, attentive but unobtrusive. I enjoyed seeing the different dishes that they used for the dishes, and the look of the room as a whole - a nice variety of textures with a serene but earthy feel to it. Place was pretty empty at 7 pm and not that much fuller at 9 when we left.

Verdict - Yasuda is better, but the quality of the fish here was v. high, and we enjoyed the variety of interesting appetizers - particularly the innovative tartare and the those pancakes. I would go back, but not on my own dime - I think it's pretty hard to manage the cost here, unless you have a small appetite (which we don't). We usually spend a little more than $200 for two at Yasuda and Gari.

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