best 12" stainless skillet for under $100?


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best 12" stainless skillet for under $100?

ceviche | Feb 18, 2009 10:57 PM

hi everyone,

i'm considering ordering the 12" all-clad stainless skillet, which i can get for around $100 for irregular quality. is there a pan which is better for the same (or less) money? i've seen people on this board say that sitram and paderno grand gourmet are similar/better, but both seem to cost more than the $100 price point i'm looking at.

intended uses:
- i cook mostly mexican food, which means mostly stovetop cooking
- i find myself browning meat quite often, either for a braise or for slow cooker action

are there any pans that i should be looking at? i saw a calphalon stainless 12 inch for $40 at TJ maxx, but it's made in china and i try to buy american whenever possible.


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