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What is/was Tango?

MC Slim JB | Dec 10, 200706:53 PM     52

I don't know what made me think of this stuff, but I recall it as a preferred tipple of underage drinkers when I was much younger (my buddy Louie in particular, not then known for his discriminating tastes).

If pressed to guess, I'd say it was a cheap orange-flavored vodka, produced well before hundreds of flavored premium and super-premium vodkas came along. But for all I know, it could have been a citrus-flavored fortified wine or a grain neutral spirits based liqueur like Southern Comfort.

I'm guessing it was probably a late-stage alcoholic's drink, in the same class as wino wines like MD "Mad Dog" 20/20 and Richard's Wild Irish Rose, drinks also favored among underage drinkers in my town for their high impact-to-cost ratio.

Does anyone remember this stuff, what it type of booze it actually was, who made it, whether it is still produced? My old friend Google hasn't been much help.

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