Your Ultimate Guide to All Those Meal-Kit Delivery Services

This service is about good food that nourishes your body, plus the recipes are plant-strong, nutrient dense, and never use artificial or processed ingredients. Ingredients are already washed, prepped, and portioned exactly for your recipes. You can choose from a vegetarian or "I like it all" menu. Options include vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free recipes, such as the Terra Buddha Bowl with sesame rice, charred onion, spiced chickpeas, sugar snap peas, and avocado dressing; or the roasted Brussels sprouts and grapes over tender chicken; or grilled lamb with pan-roasted asparagus, olives, and tomatoes. The climate-controlled, eco-friendly packaging vessel is re-usable and eliminates unnecessary waste from shipping and packing. Just leave it outside for next day pickup. Libbie Summers is the creative culinary director, and an author, award-winning producer, mom, and wife. Lisa M. Davis, PhD, PA-C, CNS, is the nutrition director, and also a farm animal rescuer, mom, and wife. You can swap recipes, skip a week, or cancel anytime. Delivery is limited to the West Coast. Cost: You can subscribe to three dinners for two people from $60 to $108 a week, go up to four dinners for two people, or do two dinners for four people each week. Shipping is free.