Your Ultimate Guide to All Those Meal-Kit Delivery Services

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Choose from four Southern-inspired recipes and receive a box of the ingredients needed to make them. You get dishes like seared chicken, cucumber-peach salad, and buttered barley. Ingredients hail from the South too. Each week PeachDish customers will have at least eight dishes to choose from (with three vegetarian options). Four of these dishes change weekly, while the other four change seasonally. The company offers these popular seasonal dishes to give customers consistent options each week. The four which change weekly will be two meat-based protein dishes and two vegetarian dishes. A standard PeachDish box includes two servings of two of the week's meals. When you subscribe, you save on the $7 shipping and you can opt in or out each week. Cost: $50 a week for a standard box; $69 a week for three meals for two people; $59 for three meals in the veggie box. (Photo: peachdish.com)