The Most Delicious Sandwich Recipes of All Time

Say you're making porchetta for dinner sometime. Now look beyond that dinner, to the leftovers. Call us crazy, but there might be some, no matter how delicious your porchetta is. Yes, we went there. But wait, there's good reason. We've got this leftovers-for-lunch idea: Porchetta and Fried Egg Sandwich. In this ultimate Italian breakfast sandwich, warm slices of porchetta mingle with Calabrian chile aioli, arugula, and fried eggs. You'll need to make the aioli too. It's just a homemade garlicky mayonnaise with a jar of those hot Italian chiles, chopped up and blended.

Think of this as the ultimate Italian breakfast sandwich. Good porchetta is essential—use thick slices still warm from the oven, or gently warm leftover porchetta in a dry skillet over low heat. You’ll also need to make the Calabrian Chile Aioli.... Read More