Irish Breakfast for St. Patrick's Day

Whether or not the Irish like the cliche, the coffee that includes whiskey and cream is known as Irish coffee the world over. The classic Irish coffee recipe is adapted from New York bar Dutch Kills and uses Jameson Irish whiskey. This isn't just pouring some whiskey in your coffee along with milk and sugar. You actually cook espresso, water, sugar, and whiskey in a saucepan on low heat until the sugar dissolves. You sugar and then whip the heavy cream, using it as a coffee topper, along with a few sprigs of mint. Gotta get the green in there.

Our classic Irish coffee recipe comes from Dutch Kills, an equally classic bar in Long Island City, New York. The warm, revivifying cocktail was said to be popularized in the 1940s by Joseph Sheridan, a chef in the port city of Foynes, Ireland.... Read More