How to Use Up Heavy Cream

This pie is a little unusual, and we like that quality. You get to use those Nabisco Nilla Wafers you might have enjoyed as a child to make the crust. Fresh blackberries, which are gorgeous and deeply purple-hued, give this pie a pretty vivid color. Plus you strain out all those pesky blackberry seeds. The fluffy filling is aerated with gelatin and egg whites, and brightened with a touch of fresh lime juice to make the chiffon. When you're ready to serve the pie, whisk the sugar and cream until it forms cloud-like peaks.

Fresh blackberries have an eye-catching purple hue and a deep berry sweetness that make for stunning desserts. In this chiffon pie recipe, blackberries are smashed to release their juices and then cooked with sugar, lime juice, and zest to add tang and sweetness.... Read More