Delicious Dessert Recipes That You Would Never Guess are Healthy

Yogurt is a great addition to breakfast or dessert, whether you top it with granola or freeze it for a frozen sweet treat. The probiotics and protein help, plus there's that creamy consistency that we love. A lassi is a popular blended Indian drink made with yogurt. This lassi has mango, yogurt, lime, and a dash of cardamom. But yours could have any fruit you choose, from berries and peaches to papaya and kiwi. Just try it. You can experiment with spices too, using cinnamon or nutmeg also if you want.

This cooling drink is popular in India. It can be made with a variety of fruit (or no fruit at all), but always contains yogurt and water. This version also contains cardamom. American versions are often sweeter than their Indian counterparts. We chose to go the less sweet route here.... Read More