Great Easter Dessert Recipes for Entertaining

Dreamy orange sherbet punch is a fruity liquid dessert that you can sip and savor before, during, and after your Easter main meal. It's something children and adults can enjoy, but if you want to make it more adult, you can always add some rum or vodka. To make it more colorful, use lime and raspberry sherbet too, for a multicolored treat that resembles those painted Easter eggs. This creamy drink can transport you back to childhood, when your most immediate concern was to get at the sherbet before it melted into the juice.

*The highlights of birthday parties I went to as a child were the large punch bowls filled with sherbet punch, a fruity, fun version of an ice cream float. As an adult, it’s still hard to resist this fizzy drink that surprises you with creamy traces of sherbet as you sip.... Read More