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Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Spring

Lemon means spring. So does lemon curd. Shortbread too conjures images of dainty British tea parties in the garden in springtime. Whatever time of year or where ever you find yourself, you will delight in these classic cookie bars topped with mouth-puckering lemon curd. No whey included. If you have extra lemon curd, you can use it for all sorts of baked goods, spreads, crepes, whatever you fancy. No lifted pinky necessary, but if you do lift that pinky, we understand.

The appeal of lemon bars is easy to understand: When well made, the buttery shortbread crust and the intensely tart lemon-curd filling are irresistible. Here we’ve left off the standard dusting of powdered sugar, but if you desire a touch of extra sweetness, feel free to indulge.... Read More

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