Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Spring

While there are a slew of grapefruit cocktails, when it comes to dessert, there isn't as much out there for this large, sour, biting citrus fruit which is ripe for picking in the spring. But alas, we discovered this classy and beautiful sugarcoated citrus candy. Grapefruit juice, applesauce, sugar, pectin and red food coloring join to make this candy that's chewy and sweet. The sugar coating adds a pleasing grainy texture on the outside, while within, it's smooth and shiny.

These sugarcoated candies are like a cross between gumdrops and gummy bears, and they’re an easy treat to make for a Christmas cookie plate, Halloween party, or elegant dinner party. Simply cook sugar, applesauce, grapefruit juice, and pectin on the stovetop until the mixture hits 220°F.... Read More