Dairy All Day, All Night: Recipes for Dairy Lovers

Creamy, smooth, mild goat cheese is the perfect canvas for more texturally gritty, sweet, bold fig jam. Sometimes you'll see goat cheese labeled "chevre" in the store, the French word for goat cheese. This is especially good cheese for those who have a low tolerance for cow's milk. Also, goat cheeses are lower in fat and higher in vitamin A and potassium. In the cheese aisle of your grocery store, you'll seem some goat cheeses are coated in herbs, and others are infused with honey. It's a great cheese to pair with fruit and sweets.

Flavors of fall—sage and figs—pair up with tangy goat cheese for an elegant appetizer that’s a perfect match for a glass of bubbly. What to buy: Fig jam can be purchased at high-end grocery stores. Quince jam, a.k.a. membrillo, would also be delicious here.... Read More