The Best Apps for Boozehounds

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A free app for iOS and Android, teaches you about spirits before you ever spend a cent, so you know you’re making the right purchase. With a panel of alcohol industry experts writing reviews and a growing community of spirits fans sharing their own ratings and tasting notes, you can make an educated guess which whiskey to buy, which mezcal to try, which rum would be good for your cocktail, or which brandy you should give as a gift. The Distiller flavor profile on every reviewed spirit shows you what tastes to expect. Keep track of what you’ve tried by writing your own tasting notes and 5-star ratings. Get recommendations for what to try next. Find information on everything from rare bottles to every day staples. Build your collection and wishlist to keep track of what you’ve tried, and what to try next. Discuss your favorite spirits with other Distiller users, and follow them to see what they’re saying. Share your tasting notes, recommendations, lists, and favorite spirits to your social networks. Image: thenextweb.com