Recipes to Enjoy Taco Night at Home

You can always have a taco morning instead of taco night. Or brenner, which is breakfast for dinner. These easy fried egg breakfast tacos are piled with refried beans, cheddar cheese, and Greek yogurt on soft corn tortillas. Eggs are your main protein here, and you can scramble them if you would rather eat them that way. Also, if you can't accept the idea of Greek yogurt masquerading as sour cream, just go ahead and do the sour cream thing. Greek yogurt just has more protein, that's all. Sprinkle on some hot sauce to spice it up.

A soft taco topped with a fried egg is perfect as the first thing you eat in the morning or the last thing you eat at night, even when those lines blur a bit. These have refried beans, melted cheddar, and creamy Greek yogurt to boot.... Read More