Recipes to Enjoy Taco Night at Home

This could be the easiest way yet to make taco soup. Oh, the Crock Pot. In this recipe, you can use any lean ground meat, be it beef, chicken, pork or what-have-you. You start the way you begin many recipes. You saute the chopped onions. Then you brown the ground meat, breaking it up as you cook it with a wooden spoon. You drain the excess fat, if there is any, and then you put the onions and meat in the Crock Pot, along with everything else besides the soup toppers.

Tex-Mex taco soup deserves its own meme—the mix of ground beef, beans, tomatoes, and green chilies shows up in countless soup and casserole recipes. Here, we’ve calibrated it for the slow cooker, definitely the easiest (and arguably the most satisfying) version yet.... Read More