15 Recipes for Garlic Lovers

It takes five garlic cloves to make this dish right. In this low-carb, healthy entree, Romesco garlic shrimp are spooned over zucchini noodles. Romesco is a nut and red pepper based sauce, origninating from Catalonia, in northeastern Spain. Some recipes call for hazelnuts. We use almonds. Your choice. You can also use this sauce on top of things other than zucchini noodles, such as grilled meat, fish, chicken or other vegetables like eggplant. Even change the noodles if you want to, but don't mess too much with the sauce.

You can save yourself some prep time and make your Romesco Sauce up to two days in advance. This dish is just as delicious served cold, substituting Pesto for the Romesco Sauce, and cold cucumber noodles instead of steamed zoodles.... Read More