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Ethiopian Grocery

by Tristan 18 years ago

Does anyone know of any Ethiopian groceries in the Boston Metropolitan area? I'm a total Ethiopian food nut in Cambridge, and would like to start cooking it myself rather than spending $50 a week ...

Chinatown Grocery Shopping

by Abbylovi 18 years ago

In the last 6 months, I started a job that is about 5 minutes away from Chinatown. But due to factors such as 1) coooooold weather and 2) must impress the boss by not taking lunch, I haven't really...

Asian grocery with sandwiches?

by Trent 18 years ago

In Boston's Chinatown area I used to always go to this asian grocery store for this unbelievable BBQ Sandwich, with veggies, pork, fish sauce, etc. Is there anywhere in Philly, asian market, with s...

Korean grocery (no, not that kind)

by deborah 18 years ago

My friend and I were at Dok Suni's the other night and were served a little dish filled with square seaweed sheets (like nori wrappers, only dusted with sea salt), and now we're desperate for more....

Wine Shops in SJ

by Joe Santa Maria 18 years ago

Has anyone tried that new "Corkscrewed" joint in Cherry Hill yet? I usually go to Moore Bros. or Canal's Rt. 70 for my "good" stuff. Any comments?

Clayton (St. Louis) Farmers Market

by marie 18 years ago

To everyone in St. Louis-- I would strongly recommend that you support and patronize the Clayton Farmers Market. It's held every Saturday between now and end of October, from 8 am until noon, on t...

where to buy good seafood

by pete 18 years ago

I was wondering where in the city can I buy good quality seafood.

Farmers Markets in NJ

by Val G 18 years ago

Laurel on the General Topics board was asking about fresh produce sources in NJ. The link below points to the NJDA's directory. The "urban markets" link seems to be the most useful resource. Las...

Star Bakery's heavenly sweet piroshki

by Samo 18 years ago

A Persian bakery that sells piroshki--odd, I thought. But when the salesclerk told me that these lovely glistening buns were filled with custard, I propmptly bought two. What a divine breakfast! So...

Saul, Kalio, Grocery on Smith St.

by Brendan Taylor 18 years ago

I've lived in the area for a while and not yet been to Saul, Kalio, or the Grocery. I'd like to go tomorrow night - from what I've read here and in other places, the Grocery might be the best foo...

Correction;Spring St bakery, NOT Prince St bakery

by Aki 18 years ago

I'm sorry,i made a completely wrong post last week about this bakery.It's Spring street bakery,NOT Prince st.There isn't a bakery no Prince & Mott. On my second visit,there were more varieties of b...

New bakery at Prince & Mott

by Aki 18 years ago

Prince St Bakery.Looks like a generic bakery.Baked goods here look very much like Magnolia's.I asked the lady who looked like a manager if these baked goods were from Magnolia.And she said that eve...

How has El Molino Bakery (Elmhurst) been lately?

by Jayask 18 years ago

This Argentine bakery (owned by Arhentine Koreans) used to be excellent. They sold it a couple of years back and the quality slipped. Now I am hearing reports that it is good again. I used to go ...

Argentine Groceries

by Chowbabe 18 years ago

Anyone know of an Argentine grocery where I can find empanada dough (specifically La Saltena brand), dulce de leche, and Quilmes beer?

Source for high quality Asian ingredients and produce

by Dylan Yolles 18 years ago

While spending some time today wandering around Chinatown in my hometown of Toronto, I was reminded of how great some of the stores there are, and I haven't found places as good anywhere in LA. The...

Jean Georges, Daniel, Le Bernadin, Bouley Bakery or Alain Ducasse ?

by Aditya Pradja 18 years ago

I am having a big celebration coming up. And I've never been to any of the top French NY restaurants mentioned above. Which one would recommend ? Food is number one priority here. Please give me yo...

Wong Wah Bakery

by AbbyLovi 18 years ago

Went to the Wong Wah Bakery (83 Canal between Allen & Eldridge) on the advice of Aki, and I had the Cheesecake. Oh. My. God. It was exactly as she described it: light, moist, and not at all like t...

Great bakery in Germantown - Classic Bakery

by Lori 18 years ago

Folks, this is a follow-up to the "Great bakeries in DC" query. I've been to Classic Bakery several times, it's on Rt 355 in S Germantown, not far from The Flaming Pit restaurant. Classic focuse...

New City Bakery digs...

by igj 18 years ago

I realize it is like 78 degrees outside, so cravings for City Bakery's glorious, thick hot chocolate may have abated somewhat, but I am wondering if anyone has a report on this store's new digs on ...

Where to buy cow's lungs ?

by Aditya Pradja 18 years ago

Folks, I am trying to buy cow's lungs to cook a delicacy ethnic food from Indonesia 'fried cow's lungs'. Does anyone know where I can buy them in New York ?

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