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Leek Latkes

by E. Cornell 22 years ago

Did anyone save the recipe that appeared in the Dining Out section of the Times for Leek Latkes? I meant to save it but threw it out and our over-efficient super scarfed my pile of recycled newspa...

HELP re: Potstickers Origin?

by Grace Toy 22 years ago

Hi there, Would anyone know for certain which province in China potstickers originate from? I need to find out for a contest that I'm entering (deadline 12/31). Please HELP! Thanks a lot in advan...

Karam, Brooklyn

by M Schiffrin 22 years ago

In reply to my question about eateries near Dyker Heights Christmas lights, Jenkalb suggested chowhound favorite Karam, can you tell me more? What kind of food? Thanks

Christmas in Baltimore

by Tod Bryant 22 years ago

We will be in Baltimore on Christmas day and the day after. I grew up there but haven't been back for a very long time. Any suggestions for something interesting that is likely to be open aftter...

Nice Restaurant Near Guggenheim

by Sue Schreiber 22 years ago

Anybody know a nice restaurant for a holiday lunch (semi pricey o.k.) near the Guggenheim (1071 5th Avenue--don't know cross street). Thanks.

Szechuan Hot Pot?

by Andrew West 22 years ago

Does anyone know of a restaurant in Manhattan that serves a good Szechuan style hot pot. For this dish, usually served for multiple people, the restaurant gives one a big bowl of boiling very spi...

Latin Food

by David PR Bailin 22 years ago

We now have three good replacements for Erizo. Campo in the Village, Ideya in Soho and now Bolivar on the upper East side. None are the same but all are good. Both Campo and Bolivar have good are...

westchester eats

by stephen kaye 22 years ago

we ate at "the cornerstone" in katonah, 914 232 9104. italian/meditt/contemporary food. I recommend it, give it a try. along the lines of cafe stegga in pleasantville.

Good food in Dyker Heights, Queens?

by M Schiffrin 22 years ago

I've just read about the Christmas decorations in Dyker Heights,Queens.Does anyone know any good places to eat around there? (it's roughly between 18th Ave B and M station and 86 street R station).

Chinese in Elmhurst

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

Wowee... For months I have been searching for good Chinese food within walking distance of my apartment, certain it must exist yet constantly wavering in my faith. But tonight I definitely fou...

adios, Napoleon y Josefina...

by Steve D. 22 years ago

Having been betrayed by the fickle nature of the Eighth Ave. restaurant scene (see Manhattan posting), I fled across the river to what I thought was the stable world of my own Astoria. I felt in n...

What to Eat in Thailand(?)

by Christina Z. 23 years ago

I'm planning to spend a month in Thailand soon. Any advice on exotic (weird, wacky, wonderful, etc.) fare to seek out?

World unFried

by Steve D. 22 years ago

After the lifesaving Papasito lunch described in an earlier posting, I spent the evening hanging with one of my volatile friends on W.31 St. Eventually (such is the curse and the joy of this corpo...

What happened to all the chow hounds?

by Mario 22 years ago

Chow Hound got off to a roaring start! Why did it just die. Hey guy what about a little PR? M.

San Leandro, CA

by george osner 22 years ago

San Leandro is hardly the place I'd look if I were looking to find a bite in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even so, I found some good chow here. After a morning at the hot air balloon repair sho...

Leff Book Saves Day

by Steve D. 22 years ago

Dentist appointment, 12:30, E. 35th Street. I show up on time, sign in, start to head for the elevators. Guard stops me: Where you going? 17th floor, sez I. Dentist. They're not there any mor...

Extreme Chowhounding

by Chris E. 22 years ago

For a highly entertaining account of dining at its most intrepid, I call your attention to the following: http://www.salonmagazine.com/wlust/feature/1998/12/15fe ature.html

Trois Jean

by martin merowitz 22 years ago

Experiences? Opinions? Advice? Thanks, Martin Merowitz

San Francisco: The Mission

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

Hi all, My wife and I will be in San Francisco at the end of the month -- can anyone recommend good South American restaurants in the Mission district? Thanks, Jeremy

Lunch Near W 43rd St

by Four Seasons 22 years ago

Can anyone recommend a great place for lunch near West 43rd Street. Want best food with atmosphere.

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