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Serial Diners of NY roadtrip/ Ted's / Schwabl's

by cinnamon/SDNY 20 years ago

1. The newly-formed NYC chapter of Serial Diners (a real 10-yr.-old Toronto group) will be in Buffalo the last week of June. All area Chowhounders are cordially invited to join us. We don't know wh...

Next meeting of Serial Diners of NY (formerly NY Serial Diners)

by cinnamon/SDNY 20 years ago

The next meeting of the Serial Diners of NY (SDNY -- "Sidney") will be on Sunday, June 4, at 2 pm. We will be hooking up outside the candy store (Gem's Spa) on the SW corner of St. Marks Place & Se...

Indian-Mex discovery

by Sue Cummings 20 years ago

A couple of weeks ago my boss insisted on finding a Mexican restaurant in midtown (egads) where we could all have dinner. Being at a loss, I went to zagat.com (egads again) and typed in the coordin...

Cooking Show

by JG 21 years ago

Saw the wierdest show, it was on at 10 pm ch. 73 and it was in asian. It was some sort of cooking competion involving lobster. These chefs were go ast it franticly, making the strangest but intere...


by Kate 21 years ago

I'm having a party and I want to make killer mini-meatballs that I can leave on the stove all evening on a low simmer. Any suggestions for really flavorful, meaty meatballs?

Minneapolis Deli Scene

by Mark Grossman 20 years ago

the Brothers Deli in a skyway location downtown hascorned beef as good as any I have ever had inNY City. Very good chicken soup. Have yet totry the pastrami. Unfortunately a McDonaldslike environme...

memory lane

by mark grossman 20 years ago

does anyone remember Tappans, the HamiltonHouse and the original Lundys in SheepsheadBay/Brooklyn??How about kwai fong chinese restaurantand Zei Mar deli in Brighton Beach/Brooklyn??Does anyone kno...

Request for "preserving" recipes

by Rachelhope 22 years ago

My boyfriend and I have recently begun making jam. We started with a blackberry preserves and are now in the beginning stages of a strawberry-rhubarb-ginger jam. We have culled our recipes fro...

wing wong's excellent congee

by andrew reibman 20 years ago

lately, I've been getting joak/congee/rice gruel at wing wong at 111 lafayette. (they have a branch at 102 mott - never been there). I discovered this place after walking by a chinese mob scene on...

Cello - Can they do this to me ???

by Robin Majumdar 20 years ago

Back in April I booked a table at Cello, I have just been informed that the owner has now decided that on that evening they will only offer a special menu priced at $130 (their anniversary apparent...

Sandwiches Overwhelmed by Bread

by Lynn 20 years ago

Chowhounds: Please yea or nay the following statement: "Too many pre-made store and restaurant sandwiches suffocate their ingredients by surrounding them with thick, often tasteless, wads of mout...

Fresco--please respond

by Charlene 20 years ago

I posted a message on 6-15-00 asking if anybody could tell us what good at Fresco-34 E. 52nd St.. I am taken my Mom to New York and want her to have a good meal there. Any suggestions?

Zazzarac Tampa

by eatalot 20 years ago

Dined at the newest Outback venture, a New Orleans themed restaurant near the original Outback in Tampa. It was sleek and gorgeous with curved wooden booths and sort of open kitchen (stained glass...

Albanian food links

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

A dispenser on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx had free copies of the "Albanian Yellow Pages". Turning to the food entries (note that Bakeries follows Banks for some reason), one finds Burektorija Dukag...

need new ideas for 44th & 5th lunch

by tom 20 years ago

I'm working a part-time midtown job (44th St & 5th Ave) and desperately need a decent lunch to look forward to. In my aimless walking I've found the Halal stand at 43rd & 6th, brazilian buffet on ...

Where do we eat? Please Help.

by Dave and Annette 20 years ago

We are coming to New York in November for the first time ever. We are staying for four nights in the Upper East side of Manhattan. We can't wait. Our problem is that we don't know where to eat in...

rice taffel??

by catharine 20 years ago

A friend of mine came back from Amsterdam and said he had something called rice taffel at a Thai restaurant (i think) there that he LOVED. At the risk of sounding ignorant...does anyone know what...

Mombar and Kabab Cafe after the reviews

by Dave Feldman 20 years ago

Ordinarily, I would have stayed away from a new place right after it was reviewed by New York Magazine and the New York Times both gave it stellar reviews (and Sylvia Carter raved the week before),...

Vegas-San Fran. Road Trip

by Alex Kurian 20 years ago

This is my first time on the site; thanks for all the tips for Vegas. I'm heading on a road trip from Vegas to San Francisco next week, and thought there might be some suggestions for a restaur...

West Burbs, DeMarco's

by Bill Pisarra 20 years ago

Couple of years back a fellow paisan tipped me to DeMarco's in Itasca, little Italian place in a strip mall. Loved it. And a lot of the diners around me were speaking Italian, which is not a bad si...

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