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great find in Western Virginia

by debbie allen 20 years ago

Tiny French restaurant in depressed railroad town--Michel Cafe, Clifton Forge, VA. Story is, he was a French chef at the Homestead, met a local girl who wouldn't leave Alleghany County, so he open...

Mucho Gousto Bar/Restaurant

by B. Sagorski 20 years ago

Has anyone ever heard of a bar in Chicago called Mucho Gousto? They are supposed to have some awesome margarittas there. I was told it was near Ed Debevic's.

Tahoe and Reno

by Jim Zurer 20 years ago

I have collected the previous posts on this subject and just wanted to check to see if there were any late breaking developments on the culinary scene that I should know about for Tahoe and/Reno. ...

Calling all tips for... PO

by Jessica Shatan 20 years ago

Howdy y'all-- I am going to Po, on Cornelia St., with 3 girlfriends on May 31st. One of them has been a few times. Any and all tips would be appreciated. I can't wait! --Jessica P.S. I did a search...

downtown sac near the convention center

by george osner 20 years ago

Hey--I'm going to be in downtown Sac for a trade show Fri morning. I've got a couple of ideas for lunch but would welcome suggestions for something new to try. Link: http://webpages.ainet.com/gos...

Department of Health URL

by Joe 20 years ago

This site was mentioned on a local morning news program. I wasn't too surprised about some of favorites - I guess you always suspect it... http://www.ci.nyc.ny.us/html/doh/html/inspect/webfood.html

Fab Afghan

by Ellen 20 years ago

Just wanted to post a brief message about a recent meal at The Helmand (430 Broadway). It's had a brief mention on this board but I really thought the place deserved a bit more of a plug. Never h...

Cape May Suggestions?

by Nicole 20 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in Cape May? We are vegetarians and would like something delicious and creative and not portobello mushrooms. Thanks!

Chowhoundery and kashrut

by Alan Divack 20 years ago

The thread a little while back on whether or why corn syrup was or wasn't kosher for passover (see the link below) got me to thinking about the relationship between chowhounding and the Jewish diet...

veggie recommendations for Sweet-n-Tart?

by Lauren 20 years ago

I'm going to Sweet-n-Tart tomorrow night for dinner, and I'd love to get some advice on which vegetarian dishes seem to be the best/most interesting. I've checked other posts/reviews, which focus m...

City Hall on Duane St.

by Liza 20 years ago

A quick report: So called heirloom tomatoes didn't look or taste like heirlooms; tiny grilled tuna; incredibly overpriced wine list; and the capper: lousy and loud music. Anyone else think this pla...

Columbus Bakery on 1st Ave/53(?)

by Lisa Z 20 years ago

In my expanding search for a decent lunch in the East 50s, I headed over to 1st Avenue and was amazed to find Columbus Bakery (somewhere between 54th and 52nd). They've done a pretty good job of ...

Pregnant Vegetarian Must go to Las Vegas--HELP!!!

by Amy Spagnuolo 20 years ago

I am attending a wedding in Las Vegas, and, as aforementioned, am a pregnant vegetarian. Help!!! I eat often now so I need inexpensive, not too fussy dining suggestions. I will be out there for ...

big thumbs up for Gramercy's between-meals menu

by Daveena 20 years ago

Particularly the "dessert tastes" - I think it's Gramercy's entire dessert menu (there were at least 15 choices) replicated in miniature at $4 a pop, with no loss of flavor or presentation (down to...

Action: Jackson's or (Am I) Dreaming in Hermosa...

by laura 20 years ago

So I had this AMAZING dinner at this place in Hermosa - Jackson’s Village Bistro on Pier Ave. It was without a doubt one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. Maybe I was just seduced by abo...

Bryant Park Grill

by Jennifer Stott 20 years ago

Any views on Bryant Park Grill? I know it has been mentioned as a good outdoor place, but I wonder if the food is any good. And any thoughts on a choice between Bryant Park and Barolo?

Classic Lunch Spot in Pasadena

by Ken B 20 years ago

Does anyone know of a classic lunch spot in Pasadena? Could be Mexican or "Calfornia" cuisine. I saw Marsten's listed in Zagat L.A. and thought that might fit the bill. Any suggestions?

Porters - New in Chelsea

by stompbox 20 years ago

Yesterday - Mothers Day - we stumbled on Porters and were very pleasently surprised. Found it reasonable and very well done. Supposedly it is a member of the ML Resturant Group - SDoes wnyone k...

Thank you all for Montreal

by Heidi 20 years ago

Just back last night from Montreal. First must thank all who had suggested L'Auberge du Vieux Port. That ended up being our choice and if I wasn't sold at first arrival, I was shortly after based u...

Meson Flamenco on Atlantic

by Chris E. 20 years ago

Anyone have a report on this place, good or bad? I always think about going there, but somehow never do. Is it worth a visit?

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