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Babbo, PO, Lupa

by Lana 20 years ago

Need to get a reservation at one of these places for Jan 29th. Special night!! They are booked up! Anyone have any tips on how I might squeeze in there?

Le Bernardin's Tasting Room

by Dena 20 years ago

Has anyone eaten in Le Bernardin's Tasting Room (otherwise known as the chef's table? We're thinking of going there with another couple and have made a reservation already. Fortunately, this is a...

Mail Order - Chocolates

by Rachel Perlow 20 years ago

For good old fashioned chocolates and candies, check out See's Candies. It has been a topic lately on the SF Bay Area board, but I thought as it does a large mail order business, that I'd put a li...

Anybody ever been here?

by Lawrence 20 years ago

Has anyone ever tried the Cafe Lombardy? it is on 20th and Penn, and i think it is one of the best small restaurants in DC, considering that Primi Piatti and Kinkeads are on the same block. Interes...

Mercer Kitchen Impressions

by shemmy 20 years ago

Given the comments on this board, I was sort of expecting to be disappointed. However, we had a really enjoyable meal. My only 2 complaints are that the bar/lounge style seating is not really con...

Dried porcini mushrooms--a good source

by Susan 20 years ago

I'm looking for some dried porcini mushrooms. I checked the 96th/B'way Gourmet Garage, but they didn't have any. Is this the sort of thing that would be of the same quality at Fairway/Zabar's, or...

Fairfield County B-day dinner.

by frank 20 years ago

Does anyone have any suggestions for an Italian/mediteranean restaurant in the Greenwich-Westport zone. It's for my father's b-day and he doesn't like food that's too challenging to the palate. S...

bleeker st. (6th-7th ave so. area) sunday early dinner

by barbara g. 20 years ago

please advise on most decent italian or other in bleeker st. area between 6th and 7th ave south. am considering bel villagio, vittorio, osteria fiorenina, and trat. pasta pesce. want this specific...

clementines (and winter fruit)

by Sharon A 20 years ago

These have become my fruit mainstay for the winter months, and I know lots of people in the NY area who feel the same. But I hear that clementines are hard to come by in other parts of the country-...

Singaporean Laksa --Joanna

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

subject Re(1): Singaporean Laksa ? From:tointon@bigfoot.com (Joanna) Posted: January 19, 2000 at 20:26:51 In Reply To: Singaporean Laksa ? Posted by Tord Svenson on January 19, 2000 at ...

Joe's in Venice closed for renovation?

by John 20 years ago

Their answering machine says they'll reopen in mid-Nov. I was planning to eat there this weekend--any suggestions? Can I find that quality of cooking combined with unpretentious service in a rela...

pet peeve - old/undated olive oil

by jen kalb 20 years ago

following up on Allans post re Peters, I applaud their stocking dated oils! I get really annoyed with (1) the lack of vintage/"best before" date labelling for most olive oil here, especially expens...

Creole food in Boston?

by S McDowell 20 years ago

I'm an ex-pat East Texan, raised on Tex Mex and Creole cooking.. I've suffered through what passes for Mex food in New England (finally having my family send me monthly care packages of Hasa Marina...

Good food between Albany and Westchester

by Karen 21 years ago

I am looking for a good restaurant about halfway between Albany and Westchester, New Rochelle to be exact.


by christina z 20 years ago

Anyone been to Bang? It's a Vietnamese restaurant across the street from the Flushing Library (on the Kissena side. I'm craving Vietnamese food and am wondering if this place is worth a visit. cz

Allston-Brighton border

by me 20 years ago

where exactly is the line between allston and brighton? the phone book is no help at all. and i have some maps that say allston is a part of brighton, and city hall says that too, only it has its o...

Chapeau in Salamanca

by jonathan sibley 20 years ago

Just wanted to mention that I had a very nice meal at a restaurant called Chapeau in Salamanca. One wouldn't know it from the name, but it is traditional Salamancan / Spanish (good ham, sausages, ...

A good meal in Madrid

by CW 21 years ago

I am looking for a restaurant in Madrid (preferably patronized by the local gentry) where I can find a reasonably priced meal. Nothing fancy--just a good honest meal. I hope that I am not ask...


by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

Joanna wrote --- I often feel grateful to be born here! I've lived here all my life and yet I'm still discovering new places to eat! Just on Sunday, I had the Laksa outside my house that people all...

Peter's Market

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

We now breathe sleep and eat more easily. This area (Flushing Bayside) has suffered a dearth of great Italian products (sure, there are plenty of mozzarella makers -using bland American milk tough ...

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