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help for vegans

by Lauren 20 years ago

I'm looking for some good restaurants for vegan diners - not the usual suspects (Angelica et al.). I've been calling around a bit, but I would love any recommendations. Thanks!

Barbecue, etc on I-95

by Jim Zurer 21 years ago

Road trip coming up this week from DC to Miami and we are looking for "close to I-95" tips to break up the trip...barbecue is the main need, but any recommendations about good local eateries and...

Note on barbecue threads

by Cathy 20 years ago

Note on Barbecue threadsI'm starting out by just posting lists of barbecue joints, which I've compiled from a variety of sources in addition to a bit of personal experience, including the great Smo...

barbecue on I75

by D.T, 20 years ago

Greetings, I will be driving I75 from Detroit to Tampa in late February or early March. Can anyone suggest a place where I can get good barbecue? cordially, D.T.

Ping's - New Year Alert

by Eric R. 20 years ago

I just returned from Ping's in Elmhurst and I encourage everyone to sample the Chinese New Year special menu. There are items for the very adventurous(loofa, anyone?) but you'll find more accessib...

King Cake?

by Henry Zona 20 years ago

Hi Jim and Others...Where can I find in or around NYC a good King Cake for a Mardi Gras party for my kids and their friends?Thanks in Advance,Henry

was it me or savoy?

by david 20 years ago

First ever dinner at Savoy (Prince & Crosby) most disappointing. Staff was surly. Window table was next to the waiters' work station and they hung around too much. Food was passable and not much...

Lunch near the Financial District (or S St. Seaport)

by J. Corle 20 years ago

Hello all: Can anyone suggest a place where you have enjoyed lunch or a quick dinner downtown? I would like to take friends to lunch in the Financial District or S. St. Seaport area, but I don't ha...

lisbon restaurant recommendations?

by joan dicker 20 years ago

I'm going to Barcelona in March, and was delighted to get names of restaurants from visitors. My trip will include a stay in Lisbon, and I hope to get suggestions from visitors to this site for re...

NY Restaurant Week: Patria and The Leopard

by Barb. H. 20 years ago

The Leopard: This was the only place at which I could get reservations a few days before Restaurant Week; more popular places filled up quickly. It's a charming but old-worldly place, lots of sil...

Portabella & Artichoke Cafe

by Fesones 20 years ago

I really like this place, the food, the service...simply my favorite in ABQ. I also enjoyed the Artichoke Cafe. Both of these places were excellent... What do people think? Sante Fe, the city i...


by Paul Desorcy 20 years ago

I can remember the days when a scratch made hamburger patty and some fresh cut French fries were not that hard to find. Even Mickey D's had baskets of fresh cut potatoes hanging above their fryer...


by Rachel Perlow 20 years ago

Has anyone ever been to Peter's restaurant on Columbus bet. 68th & 69th? A friend is suggesting it for celebratory dinner and I can't find a description of it in Sidewalk or Zagats. Thanks.

Bachelorette Party

by KMD 20 years ago

Five girlfriends are taking me to New York for my bachelorette party in May. We're staying at the Quality Inn Midtown. Any suggestions as where to have dinner and then some fun afterwards. We do...

To Keith Re:Chowhounds in isolation

by Neil Anderson 20 years ago

Regarding Keith's exile in southern Oregon, I can say I relate. Living on the Maine coast, which is a fine place to live in many regards, I have had to do much of my chowhounding in a highly second...

Pearson's Schedule

by AHR 20 years ago

In case anyone else doesn't know this, Pearson's is closed on Monday. I was lucky enough to call today before heading out to Queens.

New Ciao Bella on Sullivan Street; Dinner at Danube

by Fay 20 years ago

I was walking down Sullivan below 3rd street this afternoon and noticed that one of the old comic book/baseball card stores had closed. I was a little sad at first (mostly for my 7 year old son, w...

Diners on US 93

by Norris Heintzelman 20 years ago

In a few weeks we will be vacationing in Tucson and then renting a car and driving up to Las Vegas to visit family. We are interested in finding good places to get lunch and possibly dinner on the...

Chinese - Ming's Café

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

Another visit to Ming's for a late lunch. The chicken with sweet corn soup -a huge bowl for $5.50 - great tasting and a cold winter's day joy. A hot-pot - seafood with Portuguese sauce --- $7.50....

dare i say...atkins diet?

by kate 20 years ago

This is not meant to cause a stir amongst hardcore chowhounds, although most of us have probably at one time or another been on a diet. I love food, but that passion is really starting to show, and...

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