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by The Lead Dogs 22 years ago

Welcome to Chowhound Starship Mellencamp. Bob(TM) has added features that will make these boards much more convenient to use. We'll let most of them be pleasant surprises, but there are two thing...


by Jennifer Stott 22 years ago

A friend of mine asked me to look on the web to see if tapioca is kosher for Passover. Does anyone know?

Kosher Chowhounds re:Israel Restaurants

by Amy Tarshis 22 years ago

See posting on Int'l Board. Special offer!

Best Cholent in Midtown!

by Amy Tarshis 22 years ago

Rumor has it that Chabad-Midtown Center has the best. Saturdays after services (noon?) 509 5th Ave. Go Yidden

Where's the VEGGIE board?

by Sue C 22 years ago

I'm not kosher, but vegetarian, and find myself looking here for good restaurant leads. ...for not just veggie restaurants but also regular chowhound haunts that are veggie-friendly...and what t...

Passover dessert...HELP!!!

by Maria 22 years ago

With Passover coming up next week does anyone know of a good...no, great (I want the boyfriend's family to remain impressed with me!) place to purchase dessert for the night's seder? Some place in...

Gefilte fish

by Allan Evans 23 years ago

Is there in New York City a take-out shop or store stocking home-made gefilte fish (fresh or frozen) that is WITHOUT sugar? Not that diabetes is the issue, but having been raised on the subtle t...

Zagat Survey Hoping to Increase Kosher Listings!

by Amy Tarshis 22 years ago

Tim Zagat is eager to increase his survey's kosher listings. If you want to help, call them for a survey, mark the top "Kosher Restaurant Response", and give them your feedback. It's a Kiddush H...

Onion Board

by Jerome Nadelhaft 23 years ago

I've spent a considerable amount of time recently trying to find good onion board, by which I mean the onion board of my youth: flat, rectangular (maybe about 8" by 18"), relatively hard, and to...

sweet pletzel

by sam 23 years ago

does anyone have recipe for pletzel - not the familiar onion board type, but more like a very hard scone, mildly sweet.Most likely it's origin is the vicinity if Kiev, the Ukraine.


by Steve Plotnicki 24 years ago

Hapisgah. I think that's the way it's spelled, is a good Israeli steakhouse on Union Turnpike just east of Main Street in Kew Gardens. This isn't your average hummus-slinging joint, it has a lar...

Gourmet Garage kosher basement

by Christy Veeder 24 years ago

I'm not sure about the Soho G.G., but the one uptown at Broadway and 96 St. has a big kosher department in the basement of the store. (The pastry case is particularly impressive.) I'm not sure what...

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