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Need a SPICY recipe

by Tom Steele 16 years ago

I crave spicy food, but my partner can eat nothing spicier/hotter than black pepper. So when he leaves town, I stock up on jalapeños and habeñeros and use them liberally. He's out of town, and a...

Looking for a recipe to use with puff pastry

by rkn 16 years ago

I was thinking of making a mushroom pot pie-ish type of meal using puff pastry shells as the crust. I need the recipe to be vegetarian. Does anyone have any ideas or recipes for making this?

Pistachio risotto

by Shaebones 16 years ago

Several years ago someone posted a recipe for a pistachio risotto that everybody crooned over. Couldn't find it in my search. Can anybody post the link. Think it would go well w Osso Bucco? I'm try...

Breadcrumbs help

by Sarah 16 years ago

Who knew that googling breadcrumb recipes would land you 38,700 "results?" My question remains, can you use an assortment of leftover breads (reg. white, english muffin, dinner rolls) to make the c...

Celiac Christmas Treats

by GeckoPig 16 years ago

I do a lot of holiday baking, and my aunt has been recently diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten intolerance of some kind, please excuse my ignorance on this topic). I don't want her to feel lef...

The white, buttercream frosting you get at the bakery

by Sunshine Girl 16 years ago

Any recipes out there that mimic the best bakeries' white frosting used on birthday cakes and what not? We used to ignore the delectable pound cake from this one bakery in Huntingdon Valley, PA jus...

looking for a dependable FIRM shortbread recipe!

by anne 16 years ago

i want to make shortbread cookies that are sort of like biscotti (that is, finger-shaped), so that i could dip them half into melted chocolate or peppermint bark. so i'd like a recipe that yields a...

Ideas for a savory Caracker to give as gifts?

by cocoagirl 16 years ago

I will do several sweet items- many of which have been suggested here- marshmallows, spiced toffee, rosemary cashew nuts (these are the best), molded white chocolate's with cranberries and pistasc...

Canning/Preserving Question

by Ms.Paris 16 years ago

For Christmas presents this year, I've decided to make an assortment of canned/prserved fruits and vegetables. I'm also consideringmaking more decadent items like hot fudge sauce, butterscotch sauc...

Homemade Sushi/Sashimi

by Maria 16 years ago

I would to make sushi and sashimi at home and I'm a little unclear about how to prepare the fish prior to serving. I haven't found any cookbooks that specifically instruct on preparation prior to a...

big chewy molasses cookies

by lani 16 years ago

I am looking for the recipe for a Starbucks-clone of their big chewy molasses cookies, or your favorite big chewy molasses cookie recipe. Please email me if you'd like with the actual recipe, or if...

Chicken with olives and lemon recipe needed

by Tracy L. 16 years ago

A while back I remember someone mentioning a recipe they perfected for chicken w/olives and lemon. I've tried searching for the post but I can't find it. I have a hankering for a stewish dish wit...

something simple

by Cynthia 16 years ago

For a simple dessert, try stirring vanilla ice cream until it is softened to the consistency of thick cake batter with a splash of bourbon. Not melted, stirred! What could be easier? We also ...

Wondrous ham?

by GretchenS 16 years ago

I am having a holiday open house and want to serve a ham. When I was a kid my parents always had a holiday open house and had a big ham (on the bone) that for me was the essence of ham – pure ham...

Looking for sausage receipes - anybody help?

by Tela T. 16 years ago

I just got my meat grinder and am interested in preparing my own sausages. Also, we don't have a smoker - so can I smoke them once prepared on the stove top in one of those contraptions with the l...

Hunting for a Ginger Jam recipe

by JoAnn 16 years ago

I bought a jar of ginger jam while in Canada this summer. I am a ginger addict and would like to make some jam of my own. Anyone have a recipe?

What kind of oil for frying donuts?

by La Dolce Vita 16 years ago

I'm making homemade donuts, with my new deep-fryer. What kind of oil would be compatible with these sweet confections? I'd like to avoid peanut oil, since some of my guests are allergic. Also, I'm ...

I had good luck with pork shoulder, slow cooked

by TastyJon 16 years ago

I'm new to crockpot - slow cooking and have not had the best results. O.K. - but nothing real fab. I'm still learning to balance the cooking time with sauces and cuts. Yesterday I bought a larg...

Swedish Meatballs

by traci 16 years ago

Thanks for all the info on the lutefisk. Swedish meatballs sound like a nice alternative for the less daring at the table. Does anyone have a good family recipe?

Cumberland Sausages anyone?

by twodales 16 years ago

Am looking to make some English-style sausage rolls for a party but American sausage seems to be so coarse and wrongly flavoured. I've decided to make the sausage but need a good Cumberland sausag...

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