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rice- why Uncle Ben's?

by Tamar G 15 years ago

I make vermicelli rice (just angel hair pasta sauteed in butter until it turns brown, add the rice and chicken broth, and let sit on low heat until done). It's a pretty simple, extremely yummy, r...

what to make with quesadillas?

by bellenger 15 years ago

I was going to make some nouveau quesadiilas for dinner tonight with smoked gouda, mushrooms with truffle oil and spinach. I am having someone over for a casual dinner so was wondering what else I...

ginger in baking recipes

by A Fish Called Wanda 15 years ago

I have a pumpkin cheesecake recipe that calls for ginger (I think they mean the dried powder ginger that is sold as a spice). Can I use finely grated fresh ginger (I can get it to the pureed consi...

Recipes for BBQ sauce

by GGG 15 years ago

Inspired by the discussion below of crockpot BBQ, does anyone have a favorite BBQ sauce recipe they'd like to share? It can be crockpot or not, and I generally prefer beef to pork (if that matters ...

Ricing Potatoes...Unpeeled?

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

There is a theory that unpeeled potatoes absorb less water when boiled, hence make better mashed potatoes (makes sense). Has anyone ever used a ricer with UNpeeled potatoes? (A recipe I have ca...

tofu gratin

by Yukari Pratt 15 years ago

Inspired by a dish I saw in a magazine (included mentaiko, spicy cod roe, which I did not have, so went without)... put tofu in a gratin dish (I used oboro, very soft, but will go with any tofu) ...

Preferred Salsas

by Dennis S 15 years ago

Similar to the hot sauce thread below, I'm curious on salsas people like, and for what usages. This is especially since I found Herdez, which I can now get in my safeway. I make my own during ...

Best meat for bracciole?

by Erin 15 years ago

I'm making bracciole for a dinner party this weekend. My grandmother used to always make it with flank steak and I have done the same over the year. But, mine never turns out to be as tender as h...

Festive Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas

by fitzhammer2000 15 years ago

Any ideas for a special non-alcoholic drink to serve at Thanksgiving?

Stuffed Salmon

by RUBulldog 15 years ago

I buy the stuffed salmon from Costco all the time. The "stuffed" part is great stuff. I noticed there are some stove top stuffing, shrimp, and crab meat in there. How do I make the Costco stuf...

Strange Looking Asian Vegetable

by Fort Point 15 years ago

Was in a local Asian market yesterday and noticed a light green basically circular vegetable with tentacle looking feelers coming out of it. It was about the size of a softball. Anyone know what ...

Alton Brown's Good Eats Turkey

by Emme 15 years ago

I'm planning on trying this turkey this year for Thanksgiving. I've read all the reviews, which continually rave on the bird's moistness and flavor. My only concern is that there is not accompany...

Holiday cooking DVD

by Tom Meg 15 years ago

I'll pass on the egg nog this year, thanks. Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00007JZV0/qid=1102113346/sr=8-6/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i6_xgl74/104-3731253-0830331?v=glance&s=dvd&n=507846

Does anyone have a recipe for carne asada?

by d2u 15 years ago

In particular the type used in Southern California taco shops, Roberto's, Alberto's, etc.? There is a very distinct flavor to them, that I have not been able to duplicate. Thanks! Dawn

Need a SPICY recipe

by Tom Steele 15 years ago

I crave spicy food, but my partner can eat nothing spicier/hotter than black pepper. So when he leaves town, I stock up on jalapeños and habeñeros and use them liberally. He's out of town, and a...

Looking for a recipe to use with puff pastry

by rkn 15 years ago

I was thinking of making a mushroom pot pie-ish type of meal using puff pastry shells as the crust. I need the recipe to be vegetarian. Does anyone have any ideas or recipes for making this?

Pistachio risotto

by Shaebones 15 years ago

Several years ago someone posted a recipe for a pistachio risotto that everybody crooned over. Couldn't find it in my search. Can anybody post the link. Think it would go well w Osso Bucco? I'm try...

Breadcrumbs help

by Sarah 15 years ago

Who knew that googling breadcrumb recipes would land you 38,700 "results?" My question remains, can you use an assortment of leftover breads (reg. white, english muffin, dinner rolls) to make the c...

Celiac Christmas Treats

by GeckoPig 15 years ago

I do a lot of holiday baking, and my aunt has been recently diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten intolerance of some kind, please excuse my ignorance on this topic). I don't want her to feel lef...

The white, buttercream frosting you get at the bakery

by Sunshine Girl 15 years ago

Any recipes out there that mimic the best bakeries' white frosting used on birthday cakes and what not? We used to ignore the delectable pound cake from this one bakery in Huntingdon Valley, PA jus...

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