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looking for Thai Garlic & Pepper Chicken recipe

by jquirke 15 years ago

Happy New Year! My husband can not get enough of this dish and I would really like to try my hand at it. Any recipes or suggestions would be great!

Reporting back on red wine reduction for Beef Wellington for NYE

by Wendy Lai 15 years ago

I ended up using a Sara Multon recipe from Foodtv.com I think it's a pretty standard recipe with wine, port, aromatic veggies but it also had an granny smith apple. The whole thing is reduced dow...

Need recommendation for cookbook--exotic taste combinations

by Sarah W-R 15 years ago

I have a German friend who is an adventurous eater. As a wedding present, she asked for a set of American measuring spoons and cups, plus an English-language cookbook, possibly Asian, Caribbean, or...

New to Convection ovens (& convection microwave oven)

by mels 15 years ago

I am moving into a home with all new upgraded appliances, which include a standard oven with a convection oven option and a convection microwave oven. I am new to convection ovens and know nothin...

Suggestions for leftover overcooked steak

by Buttercup 15 years ago

Hello all, We grilled steak for some friends last night. A lot of steak. Tragically, we left it on the grill too long and it's now a bit dry. And we have lots of leftovers, all sliced. What mig...

red lentils

by Sandra W. 15 years ago

How are they different from the brown ones? I've never seen a red lentil soup, is there some reason why?

Share your slow-cooker favorites!

by JessicaSophia 15 years ago

I'm very excited about the slow cooker that I got for Christmas, but because it was unexpected I didn't save any of the slow-cooker recipes that were in all of the fall cooking magazines! Does an...

napalese tomato soup

by naomi 15 years ago

I went to a Napalese restaurant, and had an amazing tomato/coconut soup. Anyone have any recipes? It was just a smooth soup, no visible spices or anything (except some cilantro for garnish - yuck).

intimidated by duck

by brooklynmasala 15 years ago

I have been wanting to cook duck for a long time but don't know where to begin. I live in Brooklyn, NY - what is the best place to buy a duck and how should I cook it? Also, any special technique...

Use of clarified butter on general cooking (message inside)

by learner 15 years ago

For those who use clarified butter on cooking; do you use it exclusively or in combination with other oils on a consistent basis? And what of the flavor - how does it compare to the regular butter?...

When is lobster season

by binder 15 years ago

I thought I had heard that it was actually in the winter but I can't remember for sure.

Help! Need to thicken a frosting

by Pupster 15 years ago

I'm in the middle of making a caramel cake with a homemade caramel frosting and the frosting right now is way too runny. What can I add to thicken up the frosting that is NOT sugar? There is alre...

Xiao Long Bao wrappers

by Miss Needle 15 years ago

Hi. My SO does not eat pork, and I would love for him to experience the soup dumpling. It is one of my favorites! Therefore, I would like to make it using chicken instead of pork. I think I can...

Mexican crema or creme fraiche?

by Sven 15 years ago

Is there a discernable difference between Mexican Crema and Creme Fraiche? Other than the price?

Catalan chicken with prunes

by Buford 15 years ago

I recently went to Barcelona, and the best thing I ate there is a Catalan dish called chicken with prunes. The particular version that I ate also included pine nuts and something that I think was ...

lobster dinner

by lobstergirl 15 years ago

i want to make lobster at home-never have before- and have decided to invite some friends over to eat it. what would you all recommend as the best way to make it, and what are good sides, soups, de...

Pesto without nuts?

by brooklynmum 15 years ago

What can I substitute for the nuts in pesto? I usually use walnuts (I am allergic to pine nuts) but want my toddler to be able to eat it and he has not yet been exposed to nuts.

"Correct" grits consistency

by Fida 15 years ago

I've just experimented with making grits for the first time (so I was interested in the recent discussion). However, my only experience with grits so far was the off-putting way they were served ...

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