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New England Clam Chowder

by Liz 13 years ago

Hi all, I opened this thread to let all the cooks have a place to air their ideas about what constitutes a traditi...


Sandy commented 13 years ago

Champagne and cranberry!

by Nyleve 13 years ago

Discovered at New Year's Day brunch when the orange juice ran out: champagne (or whatever bubbly) and white cranberry...


Ellen commented 13 years ago

Reporting back on the Gaucamole

by Bruin2 13 years ago

Thanks to all for the good advice. Here's the result: Made the Guacamole at about noon for an 8:00 PM party. My wif...


Hugh Lipton commented 13 years ago

soy marinade for salmon

by stacy c 13 years ago

Does anyone know the proportions of soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger and green onions that make a soy marinade for salm...


Fort Point commented 13 years ago

what is the key to the perfect roast potatoes?

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 13 years ago

My husband, an Aussie, is forever lamenting about the way Americans can't do roast potatoes. I'm talking about the k...


macca commented 13 years ago

recipe for real chili

by ChiliDude 13 years ago

Texas-Style Chili (Modified for Supermarket Ingredient Availability*) 3 large red bell peppers 3 pounds of chuck ro...


esther commented 13 years ago

aPPY Noo eaR! anyway, I am trying to make vinaigrettes and salad dressings and...message inside..

by learner 13 years ago

I am quite confused as to ratios, different types of vinegar and acidity; which oil goes well with what vinegar and w...


Sam D. commented 13 years ago

How to keep Guacomole from turning brown??

by Bruin2 13 years ago

I need to pre-make a substantial amount of Guacomole for a party but don't want it to turn ugly brown before I serve ...


Reared on Home Cookin commented 13 years ago

Weird fumes from Breadman Ultimate-normal??

by nooodles 13 years ago

So my brand new Breadman Ultimate bread machine is in the process of baking a loaf right now, and I'm noticing really...


Just Larry commented 13 years ago

Duck Legs and Duck Fat

by Christine 13 years ago

After the cassoulet discussion a few days ago, it occured to me to check out an online French product site that I hav...


Candy commented 13 years ago

Home made Gnocchi Pesto recepe

by Serge 13 years ago

This was such a success that I thought I'd share with fellow chowhounds For the Pesto: In a food processor or ble...


Serge commented 13 years ago

3 questions re: cassoulet...

by Carb Lover 13 years ago

So I made cassoulet for the first time the other night using a recipe from my Balthazar cookbook. Pretty much followe...


Mrs. Smith commented 13 years ago

Stove recommendations

by Lee 13 years ago

I'm looking to buy a new gas stove. Any suggestions? I am considering the gas burners/electric oven too as I've heard...


westsidegal commented 13 years ago

Trader Joes Cookbook Vanilla

by aohara 13 years ago

What is this stuff?! Alcohol-free, ingredients are vanilla bean extractives, glycerin, xanthan gum and water. Can/s...


westsidegal commented 13 years ago

Beef bourguignonne recipe

by linza 13 years ago

A special someone has requested beef bourguignonne for his birthday, does anyone have a great recipe for this classic...


Pupster commented 13 years ago

Creamy rice pudding for Zoe

by Neta 13 years ago

2/3 cup rice 2 cups water 1 quart 1/2 and 1/2 pinch salt Put above in a medium to large heavy saucepan. Bring mix ...


Zoe commented 13 years ago

Craving for chopped chicken livers

by jsl 13 years ago

Yesterday I had this enormous craving for chopped chicken liver. I live in south Orange County, Ca. which is not a m...


ChiliDude commented 13 years ago

Panini sandwiches

by Holly 13 years ago

Plan to have about 10-12 over for New Year's. Someone's bringing an Italian soup and I thought panini sandwiches wou...


TP commented 13 years ago

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