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Best New Baking Cookbooks for Fall 2019

With summer fully melted away and fall in full swing, we're hunkering down and cozying up—and with ovens happily back on again, the agenda includes a lot of baking. Good thing that among all the new...

Angel Food Cupcakes?

by jbsiegel 3 months ago

I've made too many angel food cakes to count. (It's our traditional birthday cake.) I'd like to try cupcakes, but am worried about not being able to hang them upside down to cool the way I can with...

Cupcakes - freeze?

by vanessa7 1 year ago

It's late Friday night and I am baking Smitten Kitchen's stout cupcakes for a St. Patrick's Day party Sunday evening. She says that they can stay in the fridge for a day, but longer than that, they...

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Tips for cupcakes with radioactive symbol on top

by RadioactiveCupcakes 3 years ago

I'd like to make cupcakes with a radioactive symbol on top. I don't care how they're done. I'm thinking putting some sort of sprinkles on top could be fun, but probably not very feasible. Please, s...

ISO website or recipes for boutique worthy cupcakes

by itryalot 3 years ago

I have made standard (vanilla, chocolate, lemon) cupcakes for parties in the past, but I am looking to ramp up my game in terms of moisture and flavour combinations. My look fors: ~chocolatey (...

How to convert a cupcake recipe to a regular cake

by janehathaway 13 years ago

I'm trying to convert a recipe for a dozen cupcakes into an 8 inch round cake. The recipe calls for a 350 degree oven and a baking time of 20-22 minutes. How would you adjust the temperature and/...

Oreo bottom cupcake

by junglekitte 3 years ago

Hi! My friend sent me a photo of a cupcake that has a whole oreo and a whole mini recees pb cup inside of a chocolate cupcake. Does a whole oreo actually taste GOOD after being baked again inside a...

need help with vegan cupcake recipe please!

by cord 13 years ago

Hello all, I made cupcakes from a vegan cupcake recipe today, actually they call it diabetic. It is based on wacky cake. I had a problem - the cupcakes are very moist but heavy-like, and the top...

Brown Butter Cupcakes Frosting Ideas

by dawnsona 4 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas for frosting/finishes for brown butter cupcakes?

Azuki Filling for Cupcakes?

by grobson 4 years ago

I'm making a large amount (~120) of cupcakes for a party next week. The plan is for a matcha cake with a red bean filling, topped with a cream cheese icing, however I'm concerned that the azuki pa...

What am i doing wrong?

by Magreth 4 years ago

Hi, i am very frustrated now, i have been making cupcakes with the same recipe which is Butter 113gram sugar 200gram vanilla 4gram eggs 2 flour 195grams baking powder 8gram salt 3grams ...

Cupcake Recipe to Share?

by JZBaker 4 years ago

Hi all - I fancy myself a pretty decent baker, but for some reason, my last couple attempts at making cupcakes haven't been so great. It may be that I need to adjust my oven temp (I think mine is o...

Wedding Cake Mania!

by sandylc 4 years ago

Hello, what are your favorite wedding cake and/or dessert ideas and flavors? Can cherries be incorporated somehow?

ISO tried & true chocolate cupcake recipe using Fry's (Dutch process) cocoa

by julesrules 4 years ago

My 10yo daughter and I are looking for a simple, reliable cupcake recipe for bake sales, friends and family, etc, using the standard Canadian cocoa brand: Fry's. We've tried out a few recipes that ...

Universal Batter for Cupcakes?

by DuffyH 5 years ago

With the GrandPups here for a few weeks, I'm going to want to make a few desserts, and cupcakes are perfect, what with no need for plates and utensils. I'm no baker, so want easy, but still goo...

Cupcake secrets

by v2pham 5 years ago

I'm on a quest to find out what are the secrets to making cupcakes moist and delicious. If I had a nickel for every time a baker says they simply just add butter, eggs and milk. So what's your secr...

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