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seeds and plants safe for snow fall

by cleopatra999 11 years ago

yes, I said snow. I was going to plant this weekend. Perhaps not. We are getting 10cm of snow 2 days in a row next week. I already have my hardy seeds in the ground (carrots, lettuce, radish, kale,...

Has Anyone Used a Mushroom Kit?

by neobite 11 years ago

Having seen a gorgeous one at the Ferry Building mushroom store, I decided I had to have one. Seems like it could be ridiculous or wonderful, but I've just ordered one to see what it's like. Has ...

Safely Harvesting Rhubarb [Split from Home Cooking]

by Gio 11 years ago

Just thought I'd mention here although it's a gardening concern too... If the Mods move it, so be it: Folks are mentioning the toxicity of the leaves and that's something to be very careful of. ...

Plant Rhubarb

by Querencia 11 years ago

I am on a mission to encourage rhubarb, which I find an astonishing number of people have never tasted. You start a bed by digging a big hole, filling it with good mature, and planting rhubarb root...

Bug-Killing Potato Plants?

by Querencia 11 years ago

Last night I was reading "The Botany of Desire" by Michael Pollan (2002). Pollan describes a genetically-engineered potato plant that has leaves with a natural toxin so that when potato bugs munc...

Any Advice for Jfood with These Tomatoes

by jfood 11 years ago

Jfood just picked up his tomato plants with the following varieties: Keepsake Margo Sweet Olive Viva Italia Rutgers Cherokee Purple Early Girl Juilet Mr Stripey Mortgage Lifter Yellow...

Perennials, or planting for the future

by NYchowcook 11 years ago

What do you have in the way of long term plants or trees that you planted or plan to plant for years to come? I have some mint and sorrel out in the lawn that seemingly will live forever. I jus...

Too late?

by kubasd 11 years ago

I'm in CT, and I just started my tomato and hot pepper seeds indoors, and have yet to start my fennel, rainbow chard, and corn seeds out doors. Am I doomed to fail? I'm nervous as this is my firs...

Tomatoes - Can you wait?!

by alwayscooking 11 years ago

The end of last year's tomatoes were used in January and it's been a long wait until Spring. My tomatoes went in the ground yesterday here in Boston. And the countdown begins . . . I can hard...

full sun/partial shade....what do these really mean

by cleopatra999 11 years ago

I am planning where to plant things, trying out some new areas. I am watching where the sun falls right now, however being quite far north our sun always stays in the south, even in the summer it n...

my own microgreens!

by tall sarah 11 years ago

So today when I was thinning out my greens to be spaced 4-6" apart, I decided to taste the little seedlings. Um. Delicious. So the ones I pulled out became a microgreen salad that topped my chic...

ISO summary of Chow video on green onions

by greygarious 11 years ago

My dial-up connection precludes watching the Chow video on how to keep storebought green onions/scallions growing after you eat the tops. Can someone provide a print synopsis? TIA

Worthwhile patio tomatoes?

by Sally599 11 years ago

Last year, I grew the "patio" cultivar of tomatoes, I harvested all of two the whole summer----now they were tasty and the plant never got very big which was desirable but the yield was pretty sma...

white eggs in veg patch soil?

by cleopatra999 11 years ago

so excited for this new board on chow!! I am on my second year of a new garden and learning lots. question #1 (of many this year I am sure) tilled over my soil from the winter and found clum...

Strawberry Plants: Mulch?

by baloney 11 years ago

So is it absolutely necessary to mulch? And if so, what to mulch with? I've got lots of shredder chips. The plants are just starting to fruit and I noticed one in particular(further along so a b...

Growing Micro-Greens

by Apple 11 years ago

I have tried sprouting... pretty easy to do. Now - I would like to try growing micro-greens... I think this is similar growing an indoor garden... A shallow tray, some soil, the seeds and some ...

quince tree source

by Sally599 11 years ago

A friend of mine is looking to buy a quince tree this year. She doesn't want to get just a little one or two foot stick and is looking at an on-line source that will ship 4-5 foot trees. Its a li...

Oh no! Aphids in the Asparagus!!

by AGM_Cape_Cod 11 years ago

We just found out that the additional fringe we noticed last year in the asparagus stalks we let grow out is caused by aphids. Has anyone dealt with this problem? TIA.

Anybody got a beehive?

by Shrinkrap 11 years ago

Hope this isn't "pushing the envelope" in the new forum....Some beekeepers used to keep some in an abandoned orchard behind my house, but the city bought the property, and now it's a flood control ...

vegetables & herbs you really ought to grow from seed

by NYchowcook 11 years ago

People are talking about the ease of locating plants to transplant rather than direct seed. I want to make the case that there are some things that are easier and make lots more sense to grow fr...

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