Get advice on growing herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, beans, peppers, and anything else you want in your vegetable garden. Plus advice on pests like snails, beetles, and ants.

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How to Tell When Lemons are Ready to Pick

by Buckeye_Local 8 years ago

This is my first time for growning citrus here in Arizoina. My lemons are now turning from green to yellow, how do I know when they are ripe for picking? Is there an easy way to tell?

Just found some very old Miracle Gro. Any good?

c oliver
by c oliver 11 years ago

We're in the process of renting out one of our homes and in packing things up I've come across four unopened bags of Miracle Gro, the water soluble powder stuff. I don't use that anymore but was c...

Peeling garlic a week before planting

by Shrinkrap 3 years ago

I have the good fortune of being in Florence right now,and see the most amazing looking "Aglio Rosso" garlic at the market. I want to bring some home to grow, but you can only bring peeled cloves...

DIY greenhouse

by Dorothee5 2 years ago

Hello everyone. I have got a big garden, but I wanted to create a place in it where I can grow some plants like vegetables and fruits. However, prices of greenhouses are really high for me, so I th...

How to eradicate tiny black bugs on my potted cucumbers

by small h 4 years ago

They are poppy-seed-size, round, and immobile. My research indicates that they might be flea beetles, but they don't jump or even crawl. They are on the undersides of the leaves, and to a lesser ex...

Wildflowers to eat?

by Dorothee5 2 years ago

When I was surfing the Internet I came across a unusual topic about cooking. It was about preparing dishes with use of wild flowers from our gardens that many people think as weeds. Of course, not ...

Pickle recipes?

by rbrbr 1 year ago

Anyone have an amazing pickle recipe? Specifically looking for something that tastes like any of Grillo's flavors. TIA!

Can anyone help identify these squash?

by Kikitoo 2 years ago

They are the size of a spaghetti squash (most of them anyway) and delicious, mild, spaghetti squash like on the inside as well. It was a volunteer in my garden. The warty skin is only on some of th...

Fruits & Veggies on Balcony

by Dorothee5 2 years ago

Hello gardeners! I have got not so small balcony, but I haven't decorated it yet..I would like to put there some plants that I can use in kitchen so veggies and fruits would be perfect. What do you...

Gardening dreams

by Dorothee5 2 years ago

Hello! It is very important to have dreams! However, is there anything you dream of having in your garden that maybe you don't have funds or space or money for? If it goes to me, I am dreaming a...

Carnivorous Plants Propagation

by Dorothee5 2 years ago

Hello everyone. I was considering if I can propagate a sarracenia from cutting? I bought two plants on a carnivorous plants festiwal and they grow really nice, but I would like to propagate it; how...

Bird of Paradise

by Dorothee5 2 years ago

Hi everyone! My grandfather found in his basement some seeds of an amazing plant which is called a bird of paradise. I heard that it is really demanding and it is not easy to grow it. Controling te...

Book about Gardening

by Dorothee5 2 years ago

Hi! I love reading books, but I haven't found anything interesting in area that I am newly interested in, I mean gardening! What's more, I am looking for something that is not so hard to read and l...

Gastro Obscura: The Quiet Rescue of America’s Forgotten Fruit

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

As we kick off stone fruit harvest season in Northern California, this morning I was fascinated to read about C. Todd Kennedy, one of the state’s premier fruit experts, collectors, and growers and ...


by mrsphud 2 years ago

I have been growing herbs on my porch for a few years now. I replace the herbs each spring, with the exception of the chives. They seem to grow all year. This year the chives are flowering. Sho...

Spring 2018

by pine time 2 years ago

I know it's not yet gardening time in much of the world, but here in inland So. California, we're to be near 80 today, and frost chances (a rarity anytime) are gone. Anyone else planning/plotting ...

Best Vegetable/Herb Seeds

by zackly 2 years ago

My wife is an excellent flower gardener with no interest in growing vegetables. Two years ago she grew some tomatoes and herbs but the tomatoes were mostly eaten by the squirrels, birds and rabbits...

Making sugar syrup from cane that does not taste like grass?

by Corndoggie12 2 years ago

I am wondering if there are any folks who have made syrup from cane here. I grew some cane (which actually survived Irma) and now I am trying to make a syrup to use in coffee, tea or on cakes. I...

problems with cilantro + dill

by lilaki 10 years ago

hey chowhounds, we decided to do herbs in containers this year ... off of our kitchen patio - pretty good sun all day. basil (regluar + lime basil), oregano, thyme, chives, parsley, cilantro an...

Blossom end rot

by EWSflash 9 years ago

I just wanted to pass along that somebody on another site recommended stuffing a calcium pill (like you would take) into the soil. I'm just sayin'. I plan to do that tomorrow morning, it's cheap in...